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After Effects Workshop 2

Mocha Documentation

Video tutorial

2.5d animation

Video tutorial


After Effects Workshop 1

The following are additional materials and further reading for my After Effects introduction workshop.

Green screen tutorial

Removing a green background and compositing with other images to create an animated flying carpet scene.

Keyframes and motion

The following video is a good demonstration of what can be achieved using keyframes for motion in After Effects, including Easy Ease, Hold Keyframes, the Speed Graph and 3D positioning.

Keylight Manual

The above tutorials only cover the basics of using Keylight, but this manual provides a guide to all of the features of this popular plugin.

Keylight Manual for After Effects (pdf)

Manuals and practice videos

Inspire creativity? Lead by example.

How can teachers inspire creativity in their classroom? Lead by example and demonstrate what can be done with a bit of spare time and a little bit of know-how.

During the Spring break I worked on 3 video projects. I shot & edited a video of a local family event, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, made a video about the Declaration of Arbroath with a Scottish actor and edited a video of a flash mob that was shot by two of my students.

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The Big Haggis

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment

The Big Haggis was a celebration of Robert Burns held on January 26th in Kirkcaldy in Scotland. The event was arranged by Kirkcaldy’s business improvement organisation, Kirkcaldy4All, and students from around Fife took part as cast and crew on the day.

As party of my ongoing plans to get work experience for my students I gathered volunteers to help with the event.

The cast of Tam O'ShanterStudents from Carnegie College built The Big Haggis website and also filmed the live event so that it could be made into a DVD and promotional film for future events.

The website was built using Adobe Dreamweaver and was constructed by student Grant Hynd, who has started his own web design company. The website was seen by local company Comvista who liked the design and are now negotiating a contract with Grant to build another site.

On the day of The Big Haggis students Graeme Slight, Michael Philp and Iain Duncan worked with myself on the filming of the event. The first section of the show was a series of stage performances at Kirkcaldy Town Square and the second section was a street theatre performance of Tam O’Shanter.

The event was filmed on a combination of DSLR cameras and handheld camcorders, with audio recorded from the stage’s PA system. The final film will be edited using Adobe Premiere and made into an abbreviated online version and a DVD that will be distributed for free.

The students gained a lot of experience on the project and Jock Ferguson, director of the street performance, is keen to give more students work experience on future events.

Here’s a snippet of our film work –