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Computing at School Conference

Saturday 27th October was the first Computing at School conference in Scotland. Held at Microsoft’s offices in central Edinburgh, the conference attracted around 100 teachers, educationalists and industry people.

Keynotes by Prof Muffy Calder, the Scottish Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, and Dr Quintin Cutts emphasised the need for more computer science and computational thinking, not just for the computing industry, but also as a skill for other aspects of life.

There were many professional learning opportunities at the conference with seminars and workshops on a range of technologies including Arduino, .Net Gadgeteer, Blender, Greenfoot, Livecode, Mozilla Thimble, etc

I enjoyed the conference very much and came away with many ideas I’d like to implement in my own classroom. The conference also provided a great opportunity for networking with colleagues across the sector and several are now considering setting up local CAS hubs to support computing at schools in their local area. I hope to get involved with this and will raise it at the next Pedagoo Fife meeting.

For more, check out #casscot12 on Twitter or follow @casscotland

  1. October 28, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the conference Colin, Thanks so much for presenting a session, I know it was well received.

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