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High School Visit

Photo by Andreas_Photography (Flickr). Creative Commons License.

This week Mediaspace played host to a group of S2 Media pupils from Queen Anne High School. We’d invited them to the college as part of our ongoing efforts to partner with local schools and the community.

The high school pupils have been working as news reporters at their school, reporting on events and blogging about them, so we thought it would be a good idea for them to visit their local college and report on some of the activities there.

The pupils had a brief tour of the main college campus and then visited a number of classes, including Art & Design, Computer Games, Digital Media and Drama. The class were given a variety of activities to complete including photography, interviewing staff and students and also a game design task.

The pupils seemed to enjoy there time at college and participated well in the activities we’d given them. Afterwards they commented that they’d found the college atmosphere very relaxed and that they were surprised that there were so many different courses available, as well as the opportunity to do degrees without having to travel to university.

Back at school the class will be creating a presentation about their visit using Prezi.com, which will feature the photographs they took and the information they gained during their time at Carnegie College.

The S2 class teacher, Mr Surgey, e-mailed us the next day, saying:

“Many thanks for your hospitality and input to yesterday’s visit by my S2 Digital Media pupils. The visit was a great success and has opened a few eyes and minds to the possibilities that are out there, particularly at Carnegie.

The pupils have been asking for another visit and to continue with some of the mini project you had for them. I need to get my thinking cap on!

This has proven to be a very worth while collaboration and I would be keen to explore this one further and as well as other possibilities!”

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