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Educational Technology Creative Collective

Here’s my first creative project of 2012 – to gather educators to collaborate and learn about using creative digital technologies for education.

Inspired by Jim Groom’s Digital Storytelling DS106 course, the Educational Technology Creative Collective takes the assignment-based approach of that course and mashes it up for education. Participants will complete a number of assignments using common digital technologies and create small digital artefacts with educational value. These will be shared with the community and wider audience and made available for discussion and reuse. The goal is to create a large number of educational digital artefacts to showcase the possibilities of digital technology and to open discussion on how these technologies can best be used for education – either as a teaching tool or as a learning tool.

Several business and government reports have hailed creativity as a highly prized skill for employees. To help fulfil the needs of employers, educators need to become more creative and then pass those skills onto their students and pupils.

My personal viewpoint is that creativity can be learned, but must also be practised. Jim Groom suggests that creativity should be habitual, that you must create to be creative (listen to his podcast The Creative Habit – mp3 and access the DS106 archives). To this end the Educational Technology Creative Collective is about being creative on a regular basis, with an aim to make creativity as much a part of the participants life as eating, sleeping, watching TV (and exercising?). It should be fun too!

Find out more or sign up to participate.

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