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SQA Heads of Computing annual update

The annual SQA update was held on 2nd December in Glasgow and attended by around 50 Heads of computing, college staff and others from related sectors.

The update included an introduction from manager Bobby Elliot, Senior verifier David Drennan explaining the new QA procedures, Gerry Mackie’s update on qualifications and Graeme Clark’s update on the SOLAR online assessment system.

I was asked to present a case study of delivering the NPA Computer Games Development. A summary of my presentation is below.

Links from the presentation: 
Eric Schmidt video – http://youtu.be/OrAzjYKd8hE 
Prime Minister article – http://goo.gl/SJ046 
Comp Ed Net – http://www.compednet.com/ 
Colin’s blog – http://goo.gl/1MzK 
LTS Consolarium – http://goo.gl/c3QLt 
NESTA review – http://youtu.be/qL4xsEs0-R4

Presentation backchannel on Twitter / Facebook

Ron Dillin Just back from the SQA Heads of Computing event in Glasgow. Colin Maxwell’s talk on computer games was the highlight for me. Well done Colin!
Gillian McArthur Yip. Definitely star of the show. Always interesting though. Oh show and Colin. 🙂

Cjones1976 Chris jones Enjoyed presentation by @camaxwell never considered using blender to create games, if solar only assessment we will lose diversity #hoc2011

SQAComputing SQA Computing team – Great presentation from @ camaxwell on how best to deliver the new NPAs in Computer Games.

joecar Joe Wilson #hoc2011 @Camaxwell folks should follow Colin to get more out of computer games qualifications

joecar Joe Wilson @camaxwell should already get prize for best interactive presentation #hoc2011

joecar Joe Wilson @camaxwell gaming teaches programming without building another stock control system #HOC2011 tasks have to be interesting

GerryDougan Gerry Dougan #hoc2011 Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it’s made ! Eric Schmidt Chairman, Google

GerryDougan Gerry Dougan #Colin Maxwell on programming – a student view – ‘O h no, not another stock control system’!

GerryDougan Gerry Dougan #hoc2011 Colin Maxwell – audience participation and engagement using a ‘real’ version of Angry Birds to highlight game design principles

David McDade Yep well done Colin, I particularly enjoyed the swearing 😉

  1. Karima Audish
    December 13, 2011 at 11:22 am

    Yes, well done Colin.

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