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Photogenic Glasgow

I took a trip to Glasgow this weekend to see Bill Bailey at the Clyde Auditorium and also decided to visit some of my favourite places in the city, The Lighthouse and Street Level Photoworks.

Street Level Photoworks

Street Level was showing  an exhibition entitled The Obsidian Isle by Gayle Chong Kwan. Inspired by the tales of Ossian, the 3rd century blind poet, the images are of a fictional island off the west coast of Scotland that contains the remains of various real structures that have fallen into dereliction or have collapsed.

The images are made from photographs, models and found objects that have been constructed into dioramas in a studio and photographed. These fascinating images, all dark cloudy skies and dereliction, are the very anithesis of today’s composite, digital, Photoshopped artwork. The images appear false and constructed, cut out and combined, but remain powerful and intriguing.

The exhibition comprises 10 large format prints, several smaller prints and some small sculptures constructed from found objects. It runs until December 11th.

The Lighthouse, centre for architecture, design and creative industries, houses a number of exhibitions and galleries and also has a fine selection of art & design periodicals in its shop. I visited City Visions 1910 I 2010 Exhibition: Urban Planning in Berlin, London, Paris and Chicago 1910 and 2010. My interest in this was the process of architectural design, as I’m teaching 3D Design Skills and wanted to have some examples to show my students. The exhibition featured details of past, present and future plans for the urban landscape and consisted of architectural plans, concept sketches, photo-realistic mock-ups, 3D graphics and models.

View from The Lighthouse

Visitors to the Lighthouse shouldn’t miss the chance of seeing Glasgow from the rooftop viewing platform.

During my visit I also picked up the new copy of f22 magazine which is a free magazine dedicated to the fine art of photography. This superb magazine, bundled with its sister mag, State, is an excellent read, and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography.

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