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2D Animation – the importance of planning

Today’s class started with a short introduction to planning. I explained that planning was ALWAYS necessary, and even if a plan isn’t committed to paper, the plan is still carried around in someone’s head.

Planning becomes more important when working in a team. It makes it easier to divide labour and keep everyone on track. When making an animation the script and storyboard are essential parts of the planning process.

Creative Commons Licence image by 3:19 on Flickr.com

Another good reason for planning is financial. If a client is spending a lot of money on a project, they want results and want to be able to track the progress of the project – a clear plan will help with this. Generally speaking, the more costly a project is, the more detailed the plan.

So, this week’s animation project was to tell a joke using animation. The students had to pick a simple joke such as a ‘knock knock’ joke and animate the person telling it and the listener. Before animation commenced the students had to draw a storyboard and write a short script. These were  swapped with classmates and each student then animated someone else’s work. This emphasised the need for clear planning. Many of the students couldn’t understand their colleague’s plans, so had to ask lots of questions before they could start animating.

If you are doing any animation yourself or with students I recommend the following sites for ideas, resources and information.

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