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Games Design 13 & 14 – game development challenge

game design sketchThis week I gave my students a challenge to create a game with 3 levels. The students were given designs for the first two levels, but left to come up with their own design for level 3. Students have two sessions to complete the game (3 hours). A small prize will be awarded after the October break for the best game which will be judged by staff and students.

Video clips of the games will be posted on the blog in due course.


A 3D ‘escape the room’ style game. Each level comprises a room that must be escaped by working out how to find or open the door. This may require logical or physical problems to solve.

Level 1

The player starts in a room with 4 crates in the middle. The crates can be pushed. Moving the crates reveals a hole in the floor which the player can drop through. Pass through the hole to proceed to level 2.

Level 2

A large door is visible in the wall. A key is suspended in the air, just out of reach of the player. A crate lies in the room and there is a coloured tile on the floor. Pushing the crate onto the coloured tile causes a hidden elevator to rise, allowing the player to grab the key. Once the key has been picked up the door in the wall can be opened. Proceed through the door to reach level 3.

Level 3

Your own design.

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