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Today was Babcock Rosyth’s Major Incident Emergency Planning Day. My students were recruited to play the role of the press at the event and test the company’s response to the press in event of a major incident happening.

My HND photography students rose to the challenge and assumed the roles of journalists from newspapers and TV and radio stations.

The Carnegie Press Team with Amanda McClatchie

The Carnegie Press Team with Amanda McClatchie

The day started with a briefing by Sue Escott from Escott Hunt, a media training company who specialise in corporate communications and handling the press. The students were also aided by Amanda McClatchie, a journalist with Real Radio and news presenter on Daybreak Scotland.

After the initial briefing and a period researching the background of the company the simulated incident took place and the press team had to quickly ascertain the facts and get on the case.

Progress was slow, with most phone calls and questions answered with a blunt ‘no comment’, but after a while getting nowhere the trainee journalists grew in confidence and started to be more forceful and probing.

As well as interviewing and telephoning, the team had to produce frequent news reports and log the information and sources as quickly as they could. The newspaper team threw together press reports while the TV and radio crews wrote scripts, recorded their pieces and had to edit them before submission.

The day was busy and hectic at times, but by the end the team agreed they’d had an excellent day and had learned a lot, even though it had been a real trial-by-fire.

As well as being an exciting day, the students also gained practical skills and enhanced their core skills such as writing, working with others and presentations skills.

Please take time to review our photos of the day.

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