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Games Design 5

Today the class were set the task of coming up with an idea for a new game. Many of the students already had an idea for a game as they’d been designing covers for a new game in the unit Design Activity.

The students had to identify / describe the following for their new game:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Theme
  • Target Audience
  • Platform
  • Purpose / Objective / Plot
  • Characters
  • Basic Gameplay
  • User Interface
This was a formative assessment – practice for a later assessment where they will come up with an idea for the game they will eventually make. At this stage the students don’t know what limitations they have in terms of developing their own game, so many of their ideas will be infeasible in terms of time and skills. We will re-do this task once the students have had some experience of developing games with the Blender game engine, and by then they will have a better understanding of what will be feasible in the time they have got.
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