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Dungeoneer game design

Many of my students are currently creating their own games either in Blender or Flash, so I’ve started designing a new game of my own. Called ‘Dungeoneer’, the game will be a simple maze-based adventure with a combat element. I plan to build the game over the next 8 weeks, adding features as I go. The game will be made with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.

Here is an outline of the game and a screenshot of the prototype. The prototype can be played on my Maximized site.

Screenshot - prototype 001

Dungeoneer is a 2D maze game viewed from a top down perspective. The player controls the Dungeoneer, an adventurer who seeks treasure in monster infested catacombs and dungeons. The aim of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible in the dungeon and then find the key to open the trapdoor to the next level. Each level must be completed within a time limit or else the trapdoor locks permanently. Some levels of the dungeons are inhabited by creatures that must be avoided or vanquished. Some levels contain hidden passages that can only be discovered by finding the appropriate lever or switch hidden in the dungeon. Magical gems can be found in some levels and these can extend the time allowed to reach the next level. In some levels the player can pick up a magic torch which illuminates a larger portion of the dungeon.

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