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Integrating core skills – numeracy

With Curriculum for Excellence there’s a move to embedding core skills more appropriately within subjects, and it’s something I’ve been looking at for some of my own classes.

Details of some of the tasks we undertook can be accessed on my Tutorials website, however I’ve summarised them here.

In my games design class I’ve been looking at integrating some numeracy skills. During one of the first lessons we conducted a poll to determine which students owned different types of games consoles. We discussed why the games industry may be interested in this information and also how this type of information might be used for planning and marketing.

The raw data was recorded in a spreadsheet and some simple SUM and AVERAGE functions were used to determine the average statistics for several classes worth of data.

The raw data is fairly interesting in itself, however there is more information to be gleaned by further analysis. We then created a Venn diagram of the three main home consoles, and each student added their name to the appropriate part of the diagram to show which consoles they owned.

Venn diagram of console ownership

Venn diagram of console ownership

The next step we took was to make a visualisation of the data to show which consoles were most popular and which were played most often. We constructed a Balloon Race diagram to show this.

Balloon Race visualisation of games console ownership

Balloon Race visualisation of games console ownership

This is a fairly simple example of integrating numeracy skills into a specific subject, however it does cover a number of core skills areas including Working with Others and Communication as well as Numeracy. In the process of analysing and visualising the data the students also picked up some software skills in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop, which will be useful in other areas of their course.

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