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Photography Assignment – Royal Mile

This semester the HNC Computer Arts & Digital Design students have been given an assignment to create a video based in the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Combined with this, the students are also undertaking a photography assignment in the same location.

The Royal Mile is a very historic street, running from Edinburgh Castle in the West to Holyrood Palace in the East. It is home to a variety of different architecture, has associations with many famous historical figures and is also a popular tourist area. The street has great potential for photography assignments, so the students have been given a number of different assignments to choose from – historic, tourism, people, abstract, etc.

Next week we will be taking a minibus to Edinburgh, so the students’ first task was to research the area and make a plan for their photography assignment, taking into account that we’ll only be visiting for around 1.5 to 2 hours.

The students were given time in class to undertake some of their research and it was interesting to see the different tools and approaches they took. Some used Google Image Search or Flickr to find photographs to inspire them, others visited tourist attraction websites or used Google Maps to plan their visit. Some also used Google Street View to  work out the best viewpoints for their planned photographs. A few students also visited sites on Edinburgh’s history and are planning to investigate the mysterious characters of Edinburgh’s past and some of the spooky ‘haunted’ locations in the area.

Here are some of the interesting websites we’ve found:

Royal-Mile.com – scroll to the bottom to find an interactive map.

Deacon Brodie – A historic Edinburgh character who inspired the story Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Scottish Parliament Architecture – video of Niall Hendrie (lecturer at Carnegie College) talking about his project photographing the building.

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