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The Meet in the Sandwich

Had a good time yesterday at the Scottish Learning Festival and Teachmeet in Glasgow. As always, SLF had much more content aimed at primary and secondary education than FE/HE, however looking around the tradestands did provide me with a number of ideas for classroom practice. In particular I saw some good examples of artwork for diversity, citizenship and other Curriculum for Excellence areas.

I also attended one seminar on Designing Our Learning Future which was lead by HMIe. It was an interesting discussion about how we could take innovative, creative and radical classroom practice and then make it mainstream, however the presenters used my least favourite method of data gathering – the sticky note. Never mind, maybe they’ll eat their own dogmeat someday and try some innovative, creative and radical practice at some point in the future.

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Later, across the road at the Clyde Auditorium (Armadillo) lots of innovative, creative and radical classroom practice was on display at this year’s Teachmeet. Superbly organised by David Noble and his team of volunteers, over 100 educators and interested parties saw short Pecha Kucha style presentations from a number of educators on their education practice, ranging from using GPS treasure hunts to zombie walks for charity. There was also a series of roundtables on a variety of ICT topics to choose from.

For me the fringe event that is Teachmeet is the real meat in the sandwich of SLF. Change doesn’t come from the policy makers, from the education quangos, from vendors or from education managers – change comes from individuals, and from individuals selflessly sharing their ideas with others through events like this.

Look out for a Teachmeet near you and get along and participate, and take a friend. http://www.teachmeet.org.uk/

Here’s an audio recording of my presentation, Thanks to @johnjohnston. Here’s a link to the video we made of the charity zombie walk.

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