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Art & Design update

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about trying different ways to make a unit named Art & Design Context a little more interesting for students. Since then I’ve included some practical activities into the class,  and the students have been making artwork with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in a particular art style.

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So far we’ve made an Art Nouveau/Art Deco style portrait and also some Pop Art style images. In future classes we may also look at Op Art and maybe an older art movement such as Impressionism or Constructivism.

Also, students have become teachers and are currently researching art movements of the late 20th century, which they will present to the rest of the class in a few weeks time.

Once we’ve covered art movements we’ll be looking at the influences on design during the 20th century, from the Russian Revolution, the Futurist movements, Bauhaus, through World War II and into the post war  consumer boom and eventually the influence of computers and digital technology.

I also recently found some great resources on some of Adobe’s websites including:

  1. a pdf document on Art Deco
  2. a Surrealist/Dali Project on Adobe Education Exchange (login required).
  3. Videos on Adobe TV about creating Impressionist art with Photoshop

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