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New computer games qualifications hit the headlines

New units in Computer Games Development developed by SQA were featured in a recent Scotsman newspaper article. Covering design, asset creation and development, the units range from Intermediate 1 to Higher (levels 4 to6) and are available to schools and colleges for the new term. The new units will be officially launched at the Scottish Learning Festival in September.

This forthcoming term I’ll be teaching the Computer Games Design unit which looks at the role of a games designer and lets students compare different games and also design their own. During the second semester students will create graphics, sounds and 3D models and build them into their own game.

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Holiday Plans

July 2, 2010 1 comment

It’s the long summer break, and as well as a well-earned rest I’m planning a few things to keep my mind active:

  1. Read a book on my subject. I’ve chosen ‘ Graphic Design: a Concise History‘ by Richard Hollis
  2. Learn something new. I’ve started learning Blender 3D, modelling, animating and making simple games.
  3. Make something. Not sure what, but might make a new game or animation in Flash. I might even try a new recipe.
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