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Diane Arbus at the Dean Gallery

Diane Arbus at the Dean Gallery, April 2010I visited the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh today with the NQ Photography class from Carnegie College, to see the Diane Arbus exhibition. We booked a tour and were shown around the exhibition by Alicia Bruce. Alicia explained about Diane Arbus’ background and how she became involved in photography and also described some of the work she produced. The tour was very geared towards our students who were given tasks to find their favourite photographs in the exhibition and talk about why they had chosen them, and this helped to give the exhibition more purpose and elicit a reaction from the students.

For those of you unfamiliar with Arbus’ work, she is known for photographing people on the fringes of American society during the 50’s and 60’s. She photographed circus performers, transvestites, giants, dwarfs and people with disabilities, and many of her photographs provoked controversy at the time.

Although not a fan of Arbus’ work myself, I found the exhibition quite interesting and moreso for gaining a better insight into the motives of the photographer.

The exhibition of Diane Arbus’ work runs until June 13th 2010.

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