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Ian Macmillan Retrospective – Dundee

Took the NQ Photography students on a visit to Discovery Quay in Dundee to see an exhibition of the photographs of Ian Macmillan, famed for the photograph used on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

As well as the iconic Beatles’ image the exhibition also featured some of Ian Macmillans early work documenting tenement life in Dundee, his work in London in the Swinging 60’s and his later work with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Born in Dundee in 1939, Ian Macmillan studied in London and soon began photographing the events of the Swinging 60’s. He came to the attention of the artist Yoko Ono, who asked him to photograph one of her exhibitions, and later introduced him to John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles.

Also on display were some of Macmillan’s cameras and other memorabilia of the time, including Paul Mcartney’s original sketched plan of the shot for the Abbey Road cover. Notably, 6 shots were taken at the Abbey Road shoot, with the 5th image being chosen for the ‘ideal’ poses of the Beatles. In the first image taken Paul Mcartney is seen wearing flip-flops, although the remaining shots show him barefoot, which has become one of the talking points of the now famous image.

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