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Richard Jobson filmmaker seminar

Richard Jobson talks to students at the Fifer Festival

Multimedia and Drama students from Carnegie College attended the student seminar with Richard Jobson at the Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermline today. Richard, frontman with the Punk Rock band The Skids and now acclaimed fimmaker talked about his early life in Fife and the days of his music career before going on to present some clips from his films.

Richard’s drive, enthusiasm and passion for film was evident in his presentation as he shared memories with the students and gave advice on pursuing ones ambitions. Richard demonstrated a new music video he recently made for Richard Ashcroft, which he is hoping will be one of the songs used in the build up to the World Cup in Africa. He also showed clips from several of his films and talked about the production process and his love of film, which stemmed back to his childhood days visiting the cinema in Cowdenbeath.

Richard also shared his intention to make a new film based on a young Fifer’s experiences of army life in Afghanistan and his subsequent return home. Into the Valley, which steals its name from The Skids most famous song and also from a line in a Tennyson poem, will be filmed partly in the mining villages of  Fife and also in Afghanistan later this year.

The Fifer Festival continues this week at the Alhambra Theatre with a further filmmakers workshop, and interview between Ian Ranking and Richard Jobson, several film screenings and culminating in The Skids concert on Saturday 6th March.

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