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Colin Maxwell presenting at BETT 2010 (photo by Ian Usher)Spent a couple of days at BETT, the annual ICT in education show at Olympia in London. I presented on both days at the Adobe stand in the National Hall, and demonstrated some Photoshop and Flash activities that I do with my students, including creating images from nothing in Photoshop, mixing Photoshop and Flash for creative animation, and creating games with Flash.

The BETT educational technology show 2010I also had a few meetings and seminars to attend. First was the Adobe reception at the Royal College of Art, mixing with worldwide Adobe staff, business and government people, and other invited guests. Next was the Adobe breakfast seminar led by Bob Regan, Adobe’s Director of Worldwide Primary and Secondary Education, was very interesting, with Bob looking at the changing face of education and the challeges facing administrators and teachers worldwide. Bob’s presentation prompted some discussion about how (and when) we were going to achieve many of the educational goals that have been continually re-set for many years. This prompted me to suggest that what needs to happen is that more teachers need to take responsibility and get involved in using ICT in the classroom and that the minority of proficient teachers need to take others under their wings and promote good practice. My suggestion that we need to have a ‘No Teacher Left Behind’ policy for using ICT in education was welcomed by the assembled crowd.

It was quite a busy couple of days and I didn’t get to see as much of the BETT show as I intended. Indeed I had to leave the TEDxOrenda event early for another engagement, so missed most of the presentations as the event had started late. Some interesting technology, however, was on display including 3D monitors that show 3D without the need for awkward glasses, lots of augmented reality stuff, and also multi-point touch devices such as massive screens and interactive whiteboards. Also of note was the presence of Google at the BETT show – a company not known for attending any trade events. However, their presence was limited to a couple of presenters and computers at the ‘Playful Learning’ zone funded by Heppell.net.

During the show I also managed to catch up with a few fellow educationalists (mostly by accident) including Ian Usher, Greg Hodgson, Ross Wallis, Saiqa Laiqat, Ollie Brae, Joe Wilson and Walter Patterson.

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