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Ten things they don’t teach you at teacher training college

  1. Never assume a student has any prior knowledge of a subject. If they claim prior knowledge, it’s a lie or they have almost certainly forgotten it all.
  2. A student claims that a task you have set them is too easy. Actually, they don’t fully understand the task and will need it spelled out in tiny incremental steps.
  3. Students cannot work out how to tackle big projects. Breaking down big problems into smaller manageable ones  is entirely outwith their ability, whether they are in primary school or have a Doctorate.
  4. Two sided photocopies don’t work. Students only see one side. This is especially true for assessments.
  5. Students, despite access to the Internet and libraries don’t know the meaning of deadline, due date, submission date, hand-in or other such synonyms. These words only enter the vocabulary when successfully engaged in employment.
  6. Role-play is not a valid method of teaching, learning or assessment. It is just stupid, embarrassing and not fun in any way.
  7. Coloured post it notes stuck to a flipchart is not a valid method of teaching or learning. It’s just coloured bits of paper that stick to the flipchart for a short space of time until they fall to the ground due to boredom. It’s the Autumn of teaching methods – a season that nobody really likes because its dreary and everything good has passed or is yet to come.
  8. Teacher training just teaches you the proper names for all the things that someone who hasn’t taught for a long time thinks a teacher should do in class.
  9. Learning to teach is like learning to drive. After you’ve qualified, only then do you learn how to do it properly.
  10. Teaching theory is more of a hypothesis than a theory – no-one really knows how it works. Bad teachers can tell you how teaching works, good teachers haven’t a clue.
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  1. Roxana
    November 5, 2009 at 1:39 am

    This is funny, sad, and true all at the same time.

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