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Nested Animations in a Flash

The HNC Interactive Media class was introduced to nested MovieClips in Flash. This basically means that you can create a small animation, and put it inside a bigger animation. For example, you might create an animation of a steam train by creating several small animations and putting them inside a larger animation. You could create an animated wheel and an animation of the steam coming from the stack, then put these animations together inside another Movieclip symbol.

This method of nesting allows the creation of more complex animations, and also helps when creating interactive animations or computer games.

Although interactivity is beyond the scope of the 2D Animation unit, I though it would be useful to demonstrate some of the interactive features of Flash so that the students have a better understanding of why nesting movieclips is such a good idea. I showed the students how to make a small interactive animation that could be controlled by buttons. We constructed a robot which consisted of several smaller movieclips symbols – a body, a head, a set of eyes, etc. The eyes were animated to flash and the head was animated to pop up and down on an extending neck. We then added Actionscript to the animations to make them stop, then created buttons that would make the animations play. In effect we made a remote controlled robot.

Most of the students managed to follow the tutorial very well and constructed the robot without problem, however (as usual with programming) there were a few hiccups along the way and some debugging was required! I think the students left class today enthused that they’d managed to make something interactive, but perhaps slightly overwhelmed that there’s still a huge area of interactive media that they’ve still yet to discover…

Try the interactive robot tutorial for yourself.

Link to interactive robot Flash file

View the finished Flash file.

  1. September 29, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    cute robot thankyou for this tutorial

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