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Scottish Learning Festival and Teachmeet

In an effort to keep up to date with what’s happening in learning and teaching I attended the Scottish Learning Festival at the SECC in Glasgow yesterday, and the Teachmeet fringe event held at BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay.

The Scottish Learning Festival, formerly known as SETT, is an annual event organised by Learning Teaching Scotland for education practitioners, government, administrators and learning providers. It is a showcase of what is happening in Scottish education and features a trade event with many trade stands and a huge programme of presentations, workshops and seminars on all aspects of teaching and learning.

I spent a few hours at SLF and managed to take in 3 different presentations –

Using animation to support cross-curricular working

Learning Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere


Virtual Worlds: A Guide to Using Second Life in Education

This year I was much more inpressed than ever before with the variety of tradestands, and the intelligent and interesting seminars on offer. I also had the opportunity to catch up with a few colleagues that I hadn’t seen for a while, and also make a few new acquaintances.

The Teachmeet event yesterday evening proved even more interesting – an ‘unconference’ created, organised and attended by education practitioners, Teachmeet gathers educators together to present their work, discuss new ideas and network in a very informal and friendly way. It has been billed as ‘the best CPD opportunity in the world’

I had intended presenting at Teachmeet (on Working with Others), however unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity, as presenters are picked at random from a list.

The presentations I did see were very interesting and demonstrated the level of commitment that many teachers have towards their work, and the innovative ways (mostly with technology) that teachers are engaging learners and improving learning.

Attendees at the event were given the chance to make a pledge to take something from Teachmeet and roll it out in their own teaching, and I have chosen to encourage more reflective blogging amongst my students.

Teachmeet unconferences are becoming more popular, and springing up all over the country, and abroad and more information can be found at the Teachmeet site. Don’t wait for an invite, just sign up, turn up and enjoy!

Listen to John Johnston’s podcast about Teachmeet SLF.

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