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Photo Basics with Charlie Waite

Today the NQ Photography students watched a video of Seeing Scotland with Charlie Waite.

Charlie, probably the UK’s most well-known landscape photographer, travels around Scotland photographing various scenes whilst explaining his actions. Charlie covers basic composition rules, such as rule-of-thirds and 80/20 and he also explains about lens types, filters, colour and other aspects of photography. Charlie also meets with other photography experts to discuss their specialist areas of work.

The video is a good resource for beginner photographers as it offers many tips, and overviews of several photography fundamentals. For my students, the fact that many of the locations in the video are local is a great bonus, as it’s easy to visit these places and replicate the photos. Some of the locations include Edinburgh, the Forth Bridge, Glen Coe and Dunnottar Castle.

I was fortunate to meet Charlie Waite many years ago when I myself was a student, and he is a lovely, gentle-spoken man who seems to have infinite patience – perhaps a great attribute for a landscape photographer. I remember that he told me and my classmates about the many photographs he took of events that just ocurred ‘as if by magic’, and my classmates and I then started to refer to lucky ‘magic’ shots as ‘Charlie Waite Moments’.

One tip I was given, from a HMIE, for using video in the classroom is to make a list of main points covered in the video and to provide this list to the students. It gives the students a basis for making notes, and ensures they don’t miss vital points of the video. I extended this idea a step further and made the points into a series of questions that the students must answer. This changes the viewing experience from passive to active, and provides a basis for discussion after the video ends. It helps stop the students falling asleep too!

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