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Printing photos the old way…

Really impressed with the first darkroom prints produced by the City & Guilds photography group. They’re taking care to make test prints first and most have produced good quality prints. They’ve all taken their work home with them to show their families!

So, how do you judge what is a good quality print?

  1. Clean print – no dust marks or scratches.
  2. Properly exposed – with a good range of tones from white, through the shades of grey, to black. Shadows and highlights should still show detail.
  3. Sharply focussed.
  4. Well cropped to make the most of the image.
  5. Properly developed with no water or chemical marks.

What equipment are we using?

  1. Durst 35mm / 60mm enlargers
  2. Ilford chemicals – Ilfostop, 2150XL Developer and Fixer
  3. Ilford FP4 and HP5 black & white film
  4. Nikon F65 autofocus cameras (set to manual mode)
  5. Ilford Multigrade RC photo paper

Next we’ll be looking at controlling contrast using filters and multigrade photo paper.

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