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HNC Visual Communication & HND Photography

Both the HNC Visual Communication and HND Photography groups study the Art & Design Context DV5R 35 unit. The unit is about the history of art (and all aspects of art, which includes design and photography) and about looking at the various art movements and periods right up to modern day.

This year the groups have been split, so the Art students are studying it seperately from the other group which comprises the Graphic Designers and Photographers. This allows for a bit more contextualisation for the students, so I’ll be making sure that there’s a good mix of photography and graphic design as well as a general appreciation of art history.

This morning the students looked at printouts of around 15 images from across the centuries and tried to put them in chronological order. I also asked them to name the artist, if they knew them, and also say roughly when the image was produced. The images included a cave painting from 15000BC, a Roman mosaic, some medieval art, renaissance work, Impressionist paintings, pop art and even a Banksy grafitti image.

Results were scattered across the board – some students couldn’t identify any, some identified some, some were able to identify around 50%. No-one got close to identifying them all. Many students had heard of some of the artists – Picasso, Ansel Adams, Da Vinci, Banksy, Holman Hunt, Saul Bass, etc, but couldn’t place them in a specific time period.

I used Timeglider.com to create a timeline of the images and demonstrated how it works. Each student was then set a task of finding 3 major images from 1800-present from their specialist field and told to record the artist’s name and the date of production.

Next week the students will log in to Timeglider and add their images to the timeline, collaboratively creating a timeline of iconic images, photographs and designs from the past 200 years.

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